Dr. A.E. Perry School Staff Directory 2016-2017

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Teachers' Names


Email Address

 Carol Moeller



 Sheryl Stusek

 Grade 1


 Lynn Derkitt (AM)

 Grade 1


 Tracy Boe (PM)

 Grade 1


 Erin Benjamin

 Grade 2


 Tenille Dumont

 Grade 2/3


 Myvanwy Johnson-Bechard

 Grade 3


 Jennifer Decker

 Grade 4


 Tara Waters

 Grade 4


 Angela Daschuk

 Grade 5


 Cindy Rice

 Grade 5


 Jade Fellner

 Grade 6


 Mindy Derkatch

 Grade 6


 Doug Dahl

 Grade 7/8


 Kristy Galbraith

 Grade 7/8


 Kalen Swedburg

 Grade 7/8


 Chris Weber

 Grade 7/8





 Kathy Anderson

 Band Teacher


 Jackie Chase

 Arts Education


 Laurie Crawford

 Arts Education/L.R.T.


 Sheri Gordon



 Nancy Kuntz

 Core French


 Fiona Smith



 Pam Wenger

 Teacher Librarian


 Travis Wilkinson

 Band Teacher


 Kelsey Butler

 Educational Assistant


 Pat Davidson

 Educational Assistant


 Arlene Gigante

 Educational Assistant


 Vasantha Goudar

 Educational Assistant


 Linda Schaeffer

 Night Facilities


 Randy Poole

 Head Facility Technician