Learn-a-Thon SUCCESS!!

A huge "THANK-YOU" to our entire Dr. A. E. Perry School Community!!

We have had a very successful Learn-a-Thon Fundraiser which will now allow us to better support both literacy and numeracy initiatives within our school.


The final school total raised was:



A fantastic effort by all students, parents, and community members.


CONGRATULATIONS to the following students and classrooms for their high achievement efforts:

Mrs. Waters' classroom - most funds raised in one classroom - $2,175.25

Mrs. Rice's classroom - average of most funds raised per fundraising student - $71.68

Zoey Perry - Most funds raised by an individual student - $669.90



We would like to thank the following people and/or businesses for their generous donations in support of this event.

- The Dr. A. E. Perry School Communicy Concil (SCC)

-  Western Cycle (John Carmichael) 

Dr. Ephthymia (Effie) Kutsogiannis

- Mr. Greg Brentnell

- The Copper Kettle

- R&M Accessories (Jana Nichols)

- Starbucks (Laura Kaminski)

- Safeway (Dwight Kaminiski)

- Traditions Handcraft Gallery

- 31 Gifts (Denise Rosca)

- Jersey City

- Cineplex Odeon

- Campbell Collegiate

- The Nagel Family

- The Rosca Family

- The Stusek Family