School Lunch Program - Healthy Hunger

The Dr AE Perry Student Council has been looking for a way to run an efficient and effective school wide lunch program.  We have signed up to try out Healthy  This website will allow parents to pay and order special lunches or treats for an assigned day. Many schools in the city are using this website and many different restaurants are signed up to be used.  


We have set up two trials:


Booster Juice Day on June 7  

Subway Lunch Day on June 14


As a parent, all you need to do is go to, click on the parent link and sign up your child or children with their teacher’s class.  Once you are registered you can make an order and complete with payment. The orders then go directly to the restaurant and will be delivered on the designated day. We are hoping to use this throughout next year to have monthly lunches brought into the school and help raise a little money to put towards Student Council activities during the school year.


    Please make sure to submit your order 5 days prior to the date of the event


Thank you very much. GO PANTHERS!!!