Masks Required on Public Transit

OCTOBER 15, 2020 -- As COVID-19 cases increase in our city, Regina Transit is reminding all passengers to continue to wear masks on public transit. Starting on October 19, 2020, Regina Transit will be denying service to elementary and high school students who do not wear a mask or alternative face coverings while boarding and riding the bus.

COVID Alert App

SEPTEMBER 25, 2020 -- With the fall weather moving Canadians indoors, it's important that all tools be used to fight the spread of COVID-19. Health Canada has requested that we share information about the COVID-19 alert app for all of our school families and staff. Please consider downloading this app.

To view the Health Canada poster, please CLICK HERE.

Dismissal Procedures for Elementary Schools

SEPTEMBER 17, 2020—With almost one week of classes for all students completed, we are grateful for school family cooperation that has helped make student school experiences safe and positive.

As we proceed into the school year, we are refining our school-based procedures, including how we release students at the end of the school day. Although we initially communicated that we required parent permission to release students at 3:22 p.m., this is no longer the case.

adminrpsweb Thu, 09/17/2020 - 09:30

Information for our school community

As you may be aware, we are in the process of doing renovations in the school to prepare for the new school year. During these renovations, asbestos tile was found in some floor tiles in the building. 

Asbestos in tiles is generally safe as long as it is not disturbed/broken up. Unfortunately, during renovations from June 11 to June 16, some of the tile was disturbed. Air samples were taken and revealed there was a small amount of asbestos fibre in the air. The measured sample amount was 0.01 f/cc (fibres per cubic centimetres) which is just over the allowable limits for clean air. 

Picture Day at École Dr AE Perry School

A reminder that PICTURE day at École Dr A.E. Perry School starts today.  All Kindergarten Schedule A students will have their photo taken today and tomorrow, Kindergarten Schedule B students and grades 1-8 will be able to have their individual school photo taken.

Lifetouch will provide us with updated information about picture times for E-learning families and we will communicate this directly to those families involved.

We will only be taking individual photos as this time - no group photos.  Retake day will be posted once we have a confirmed date.

Picture Day at École Dr AE Perry School

Bonjour à nos panthères!  Hey Panther families!

Pick out your best outfit - Picture day will be here before you know it.

October 7th - PM - Kindergarten Schedule A students ONLY

October 8th - All Day - Kindergarten Schedule B, Grades 1-8

Please note that at this time we will only be taking individual student photos.  Group photos are not permitted at this time.  We will be working closely with Lifetouch and appropriate safety measures will be in place.

Additional information will be coming out over the next few days, including information for our e-learning families.